Educational Institutions of Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam

Welcome to “Sri Lalitha Higher Secondary School” which is situated inside the divine ashram namely “Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam”. The ashram is at the foothills Thirueengoimalai Village near the adjacent town Musiri. The village is religiously important for so may divine reasons, such as the mountain, west to the ashram is having the temple for Lord Shiva, called as Sri Maragathachaleswarar.

Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam was founded in the year of 1947, then registered by 1954 by the Guru Poojyasri Advayananda Swamiji (who is the disciple of Sri Great Sivananda Guruji) and then the successor Sri Mathaji Yogini Srividyamba Saraswathi has taken over the charges as Guru Matha for the Ashram.

Ashram – A Home to the helpless Children

An orphanage was established for the orphaned female children in the year 1980. This home takes care of even the blind and handicapped children. We started the orphanage with 25 children and now we have more then 150 children residing in the home. The classes are from 1st to the 10th standard and only 50 children receive the aid from the social welfare department. The rest of the 100 children are given free food, clothing, education, accommodation, books and all the other things annually by the samajam. Those who wish to study further in the higher secondary schools are encouraged. To and fro transport facilities are given to them within a distance of 5kms..

Every month a doctor comes to the samajam to check up the children with medical problems. The students are taught stitching and weaving. Good moral stories are told to the children, bhajans and keerthanas are taught to them in addition to yoga and meditation. On Saturdays and Sundays only they are allowed to watch Television shows, and the children play games. Once in a year the children are taken on excursions to different places. To maintain and cook for the children we have appointed 1 supervisor 3 house mothers, 2 cooks and 3 helpers. There are 2 more cleaners to keep the hostel neat and clean. Social service to the humanity is the fountain of joy to the yoginees. We are building an additional residency hall for Nikethan children.

Who ever wishes to educate and support one or more children are kindly requested to do the needful. We would be grateful if good generous souls extend their helping hands for this noble social cause, cost of sponsoring each child per year is given below.

Annadanam can be made to the children on any individual ‘s, Birthday, Wedding day, festivals like Deepavali, pongal, on New years day, on the day when one is commencing a business and on the death anniversaries of our ancestors etc.

Individuals can also donate notebooks, slates, pencils, bags, plates, tumblers and bedsheets, etc.

Sri Lalitha Aided Primary School

The School was started in 1982 and recognized by the Government, in 1986 as primary school. The school is operating with state board syllabus , in tamil medium, having classes upto 5th standard, consisting of around 200 students.

Every year they celebrate Annual day, Sports days, children’s day, parent’s day, Teachers day, prominent leaders & religious days, national functions. Daily in the Morning Prayer the students chant Sanskrit slokes, Mantras, Thirukkural and Bhagavat Geetha.

In order to meet the expenses of our self finance school we need donation from the public and you can send it via RTGS Transfer.

Sri Vidya Nursery and Primary School

More to add Srividya Nursery & Primary School was started in the year of 2005 and runs with classes from UKG to 5th Students, with a student strength of 200+. This is helping the nearby village students to have a class of education, which is available only in big cities, like Tata Smart Classes with quality education programs.

Sri Lalitha Higher secondary School

Under the blissful guidance of Sri Mathaji “Sri Lalitha Aided Primary School” has been started in the year 1982 by Sri Nirmalamba and successfully run by the school correspondent Sri Sivasankaryamba, with 700+ boys and girls as students. Recently the school has been upgraded as Sri Lalitha Higher Secondary School to run with +1 classes too successfully.

Both the schools have buses to pick-up and drop the students from various villages on a daily basis.

The school is covering a very big area inside the ashram, with all amenities, as per government norms. It has two very big buildings with science labs, computer rooms, two big students play areas and sanitized toilet facilities for both boys and girl students. Furthermore, the school is developing a very big sports ground inside the ashram itself, which could enable to have all sports activities like running, basket balls, tennis, volley ball, kabaddi, Khokhar etc.

The school is keener in developing the school play ground in a modern way with all latest amenities, to encourage the nearby village poor students, who are studying in this school with an ultimate training in all sports activities. Though they have other amenities like Library, Dining Area, Prayer Area & Hygienic Toilet facilities, the school management is more interested in developing the sports amenities in a very great level, hence expecting the contributions from kind hearted donors.

Development Schemes For Women in the villages

The Samajam is doing its services to 30 villages surrounding it through MAHILAR MANRAMS AND GRAMA PANCHAYATS.

Self Employment

Through this scheme the Samajam is helping widows and the women abandoned by their husbands by teaching them tailoring etc to become economically independent. It also gives training to the students who are in the 10th and 12th standards and also five month training course to married women. There are 6 and 8 months courses in tailoring. Through this scheme 30 women are benefitted every year. In Thirumalaiyur village, we have set up an industry and in that we have installed 15 power looms and out of this venture 10 families are benefited.

Small Savings Scheme

Samajam has contributed funds to the mandrams to have it as rotation money to help the women in the village.

Free Medical Aid

Samajam provides free medical aid to the girls, old people and to the people around the Samajam. We invite doctors to carry out eye and dental camps, including Veterinary camps.

Rural Development

  • Samajam encourages poor children to study by providing them with books, uniform, school bags and all the other things required for studying.
  • Assistance is given to those children who have failed in the 10th and 12th standards and who are below the poverty line by the Samajam.
  • The Samajam also helps women who have studied up to the 8th std and are between 18 to 35 years to resume their studies.
  • The Samajam also helps the poor farmers by giving them valuable advice and guidance to carry on with their organic farming and industry. It provides medical treatment to the sick animals.
  • The Samajam helps the women folk to buy cows and goats , to construct houses, to dig wells and bore wells and helps by fitting electric motors.
  • The Samajam helps the village women by forming awareness camps to develop their intelligence and solve the problems.
  • The Samajam builds Toilets in places around it to improve the sanitary conditions of the villages. Approximately Rs. 5,00,000 is spent for all these services every year.
  • All the work is performed by the virgin yoginees who have dedicated themselves to the service of God and people by sacrificing everything in their lives. In addition many other women are also employed by the Samajam.