Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam – Thirueengoimalai :-

Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam is a divine ashram, which is located at the eastern side of the holi mountain Thirueengoimalai, is well known as the 50th Sakthi Peetam of Devi Sri lalithambigai. This Sakthi Peetam is manifested as the holi beejakshara “LAM” of Sri Devi Lalithambigai. Since the shade of Sri Dhakshayani’s face has fallen here, the peetam is called as Chaaya Puram or Chaaya peetam.

Sri Rishi Agastya has done prayers to the lord Shiva and Sri Devi Lalithambigai, in the form of a honey bee. Devi Lopamudra is flowing in the southern side of the ashram as Kaveri River and adding sanctity to the ashram. The Lord Shiva in the shrine of Thirueengoimalai is called as Maragathachaleswarar.

There is a beautiful Sri Maha Meru situated inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Sri Devi Lalithambigai is showering blessings in the form of Pancha Loha Vigraha besides the Sri Maha Meru.

Daily poojas and yagnas are performed by divine yoginis under the graceful guidelines of Sri Mathaji Srividyamba.


Ashram & Location:-

Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam is placed on the northern side of Kaveri River, between Musiri & Namakkal route & just 5 kms away from Musiri bus stand & 42 Kms from Trichy.

Guru Parampara:-

Sri Swami Sivananda:-

Sri Swami Sivananda was one of the greatest spiritual masters of modern India, was the instrumental in setting up the ashram at Thirueengoimalai. He was initially a doctor and took sanyasa, went to Rishikesh in the year 1924 and did Tapas for many years. He is being followed as Atma Guru by people all over India and one of his divine disciple and follower is Sri Advayanada Guru.


Sri Swami Advayananda:-

Sri Swamiji Advayananda Guruji was born on 19.11.1900, to the parents Maruthamuthu & Vadivazhagi at Vallam - Thanjavur District. He was teached with the the 6 Adhara Dheeksha Mantras by his father at his childhood itself. He went to Kovilur and studies tamil philosophy at the age of 8. He underwent teacher training in his young age and was appointed as a school teacher. The thirst of searching God pushed him to leave his job and he consequently went to Rishikesh and Varanasi and acquired knowledge in Brahmasutras, Upanishads, Gita, Philosophy, Grammar, Religion and Vedas. Swami Sivananda initiated him with sanyasa and given a Dheeksha name as Advayananda Saraswathi. Swami Advayananda stayed at Sri Sivanandas ashram for many years and teached Gita & Shastras to the disciples over there. He travelled extensively in Tamilnadu and gave great discourses. He was awarded with the titles as, Gita Vachaspati, Prachaara Praveena, Vedanta Bhushana, and Adyaatma Jyothi. Further more he was initiated with nto Sri Vidya Upasana by Swami Bhasurananda Saraswathi in Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Sivananda Saraswathi motivated him to start an ashram at the foot hills of Thirueengoimalai, which was established in the year of 1947 and was called as Sri Sivananda Saadhana Nilayam. Many Hindu learned women came to the ashram from different walks of life to extend their services to the Samajam & Society. Hence the Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam was established in the year of 1953.

Sri Mathaji Srividyamba Saraswathi:

Our Gurumatha is the very personification of simplicity and divine woman. She is the living Goddess to the ones, who can perceive the Goddess in her. She is exceptional in every aspect as knowledge and wisdom. She is treated as the Supreme Mathaji for all her following devotees always. Mathasri was born on 1.4.1947 at Rajapalayam for the parents Dharmaraja and Kaaliammal. Her deep interest in spirituality brought her to the ashram in the year 1954 December. She is the ardent disciple of Sri Sivananda, who gave her Sri Vidya Mantra Dheeksha in the year 1958 and then was given sanyasa by Sri Sivananda in the year 1961. Sri mathaji called him as Thatha Swami.

Under the guidance of Sri Advayananda Guruji, she procured substantial knowledge in Tamil and Sanskrit, achieved excellence in conducting all yagnas and poojas. Sri Advayananda Swamiji erected the temple for Sri Lalithambigai and Sri Mathaji teached all the pooja and yagna vidhi to all the yoginis at the temple. Also is giving Sri Vidya Dheeksha to the aspiring devotees who wants to conduct the pooja vidhi at their home.

Mathaji became the president and head of Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam on the day of Vijayadasami in the year of 1966. The first Kumbabhishekam was conducted in the year 1963. The second was done in the year 1984. Sri Vidya Conventioin and Maha Kumbabishekam was conducted in the year 1992. The third & forth Kumbabishekam were performed in the years 1996 & 2009, consequently under the guidance of Sri Mathaji.

Vedas tell us that Vagambrini formulated Devi Suktham in Rig Veda. Apaala envisioned Somayaga and performed a lot of Somayagas. In reality the society discouraged women from doing anything religious and spiritual because of the misconception that women are not capable of doing such spiritual services like yagas, poojas & meditation etc. Sri Mathaji proved all those misconceptions as wrong by teaching the yoginees in the ashram with all yagas, pooja vidhi, meditations, Veda and correct pronunciation of all mantras. Mathaji was conferred the title “ Guru Bhaktha Ratna” by swami Sivananda. She is a beacon of light, who leads her devotees towards the world of spirituality. She keeps maintaining the equality among people from all walks of life and never differenciate the poor, rich, caste & religion.

People from all over the world are getting “Mantra Dheeksha” to attain health & wealth as well as spirituality. They are benefitted by the chanting of those mantras with complete faith and met their genuine desires come true. Sri Mathaji continues to be the mother of knowledge and spirituality and guides to those are in thirst to attain the wisdom and blessings from the eternal mother Sri Lalithambika Devi. Sri Mathaji has completed One Crore Fifty Lakhs of mantra purascharana and it is her divine sankalpa to perform the Maha-Yaga, the king of all yagas, which is rarely performed in the world. This is done to protect the world and its people from natural calamities and to obtain prosperity, peace and containment. This Maha Yaga was performed in our ashram in the since 25th of December 2015, in a great and divine manner, enabling around 70000 devotees to participate and get the blissful blessings of Sri Lalitha Thripura Sundari.

Aim and Goal of the Ashram:-

The samajam provides education, food and shelter to the poor orphan children. We run Sri Lalitha Aied Primary School, Sri Lalitha Nursery School & Sri Lalitha Higher Secondary School. The samajam continues to do services to the surrounding villages, through Magalir Mandram & Grama Panchayat, providing helps to widows and destitute women by training them in tailoring, cooking etc.,

Poojas & Yagnas

Bhakthi has 9 bhavas, which includes Sravana, Kirthana, Smarana, Pada Sevana, Archana, Vandana, Daasyam, Sakhyam & Atma Nivedana. The yoginis under the divine guidance of Sri Mathaji are performing bhakthi through all these 9 bhavas to Sri Lalitha Thripura Sundari & Sri Maha Meru, on an every day basis.

There are various Poojas & Yagnas performed here according to thithis and on request by the devotees.

Chandi Homam

Chandi is the divine form of Sri Durga, who eliminates the bad evils and blesses with peace and prosperity. She is prayed by all over India in many different form like Durga Saptha Sathi & Chandi Yagna. Yoginis with the blessings of Sri Mathaji, are performing Chandi Yagna for the devotees, who are suffering from so many obstacles and problems. Those who are doing this yagna are blessed by Devi Sri Durga with all positive energies to defeat the obstacles and enmity.

Sri Lalitha Yagna

Sri Lalitha Yagna is performed to attain a total peace and positive health. Sri Lalithambikai is meant to bless Shanthi & Peace to those prays her with purity in heart and un breakable faith in her. Such yagnas are performed by the yoginis periodically on special days and by the request of the devotees.

Navarathri Pooja

All the four Navarathri poojas are celebrated at the temple with daily abhishekam & arathanai, fulfilling with the Sri Lalitha yagna on the Vijaya Dasami Day. Devotees from all walks of life, participates in such events and attain the merciful blessings of Sri Matha.

Benefits of Sri Lalitha Yagna:

  • Removes all kinds of evils from life.
  • Removes adverse effects from the planets.
  • Destroys black majic effects.
  • Victory is blessed for the devotee.
  • Achieve fame, power & good wealth through their truthful efforts.
  • Gives an eternal peace of life.
  • Enables to get the blessings of the three shakthi, namely Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswathi.

Gho Pooja:

The hindu religion teaches us that Cow is the incarnation of Devi Kamadenu, hence doing pooja, invites the divine blessings of Devi Kamadhenu, in terms of good health & wealth to the devotee, by removing all negativities from their life.

Daily Gho Pooja is done at the ashram as well as special poojas are organized as per devotees requirement.

Sri Vidya Upasana:

Sri Vidya Upasana is a form of Bhakthi, where one learns to concentrate on the divine super power from within, by way of Sadhana, Meditation, Pooja & Atma Nivedhan to God. The mantras that are chanted with complete atma samarpan leads the devotees to realize the super powers of the Supreme God, by which they slowly removes all their negativities and enables to feel the divinity of life and eternal peace.

Special Yagnas:

We conduct special yagnas like Sashti Abdha Poorthi, Bheemaradha Santhi, Sadhabhishekam, Ayush homam, Sudharshana Homam, Nakshatra Homam, Mruthyunjaya Homam according to the devotees requirements on auspicious days.