Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam is located at the foot hills of mount Thirueengoimalai on the eastern side. It is located on the northern banks of river Cauvery and is situated 42 kms to the west of Trichy and 42 kms to the east of Namakkal. Agastya adores the Divine Mother in the form of honey bee in this sacred place and his wife Lopamudra flows in the form of river Cauvery.That is why this place is called Makshikaagiri. The shadow of the lustre of the face of Devi Daaakshayani has fallen in this place, so it is also known as Chaayapuram. It is the 50 Akshara Shakthi Peeta and "Lam" beejaakshara is manifested in this place. So, it is called "Maha Shakthi Peeta". The sanctum sanctorum of the temple has the beautiful Goddess Lalithambika and Sri Chakra Maha Meru bestowing benediction and grace on all the devotees.

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Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam is a divine ashram, which is located at the eastern side of the holi mountain Thirueengoimalai, is well known as the 50th Sakthi Peetam of Devi Sri lalithambigai. This Sakthi Peetam is manifested as the holi beejakshara “LAM” of Sri Devi Lalithambigai. Since the shade of Sri Dhakshayani’s face has fallen here, the peetam is called as Chaaya Puram or Chaaya peetam.

Sri Rishi Agastya has done prayers to the lord Shiva and Sri Devi Lalithambigai, in the form of a honey bee. Devi Lopamudra is flowing in the southern side of the ashram as Kaveri River and adding sanctity to the ashram. The Lord Shiva in the shrine of Thirueengoimalai is called as Maragathachaleswarar.

There is a beautiful Sri Maha Meru situated inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Sri Devi Lalithambigai is showering blessings in the form of Pancha Loha Vigraha besides the Sri Maha Meru.

Daily poojas and yagnas are performed by divine yoginis under the graceful guidelines of Sri Mathaji Srividyamba.

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Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda was one of the great spiritual masters of modern India and was instrumental in setting up the ashram in Thirueengoimalai. He was born to P.S Vengu Aiyar and Parvathiaammal on 8 September 1887 at Pattamadai, Tirunelveli district, South India, in the line of Appayya Dixit. Swami Sivananda was a doctor and took sanyasa in 1924 in Rishikesh. He did tapas and meditation and went on lecturing tours for ten years.

He founded the Divine Life Society in 1936 and the All-World Religions Federation in 1945. Swami expressed his philosophy of service to humanity and his eight fold path of yogawas - serve, love, give, purify, do good, be good, meditate and realize. Swami always felt that women were the pillars of society, who were inspirational in leading their spouses towards the path of spirituality and were morally responsible for inculcating righteousness in their children. He inspired the man-kind to believe that women were the Shakthis of the world.